Groupon is a deal-based website that offers consumers the opportunity to purchase discount vouchers for a range of lifestyle goods and services including leisure, entertainment, food and travel.


Upon entering the Australian market, Groupon aimed to rapidly grow their business and within three weeks their recruitment spend rose to massive highs.

Seeking a more cost-effective and pro-active solution, MitchelLake Onsite were hired to quickly provide structure and process and to reduce the recruitment spend whilst maintaining the hiring of key talent into the business. We mobilised an on-site team overnight and immediately took full ownership of all recruitment processes and outcomes. This resulted in helping save Groupon in excess of $1,100,000 in a 6 month period.

"MitchelLake Onsite showed a genuine interest in our business. They suggested and helped implement a plan that added value to our company in the short and long term and did so without focusing on their own benefits." Christian Kaul, MD Groupon Australia.