Meet your new in-house
managed recruitment team.

Imagine your own dedicated recruitment agency sitting inside your business. We're able to scale with you based on your hiring needs, working as your on-demand recruitment workforce. Our seasoned tech recruiters and senior executives bring a bullet-proof approach to staffing for fast-growth tech.


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The MitchelLake Onsite team are supported by the Group's broader
network of passionate consultants, associates and partners across three continents.


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We see things differently.

We're focused firmly on partnering with you to build world class teams - connecting brilliant people with some of the most exciting companies in the world.


Most recruitment providers tend to be very transactional, focusing only on the placement in front of them. MitchelLake Onsite's solution is transformational.

We understand that there's more to recruitment than throwing resumes at an open role. By optimizing the entire recruitment process from workforce planning to offer negotiation, from employment brand through to candidate care, we can transform the way our clients do one of the most important things any business needs to do - grow.

Not transactional.

We work as a team - not a sole recruiter - making our expertise and networks much more diverse and comprehensive.

This is our passion. We learn, think, and evolve effective practices and behaviors in recruiting, designing a solution specifically for your company.

We create partnerships with our clients and are held to a performance standard. Our fee structure ensures that we hold ourselves accountable for real results.

No cookie cutters here.

Our performance centric, onsite recruiting platform reduces your average cost and time per hire while increasing the quality of hire. We manage the entire process, within a scalable, results focused environment, ensuring your success and ours are intrinsically aligned.


We create strategic plans around team development, expansion and management, timeframes to hire and budgeting. This includes market mapping, competitive analysis and workforce planning.


We are embedded in your business. We sit next to you onsite and learn your business inside and out, soak up your culture and become one of your biggest evangelists.


We'll help you become an employer of choice by working with you to create a recognizable employment brand. Targeted advertising will increase brand awareness and quality of applicants.


We use leading collaborative technology to share knowledge and experiences to build talent pool specifically designed for your business, referral and advertising network.


We'll take your unique requirements into consideration and create customized metrics and reports that tell the story you need to know.


We'll train your staff around the recruitment process and psychological interview techniques. We want to build exceptional staffing knowledge and skills into the DNA of your organization.

In the numbers.



We make it our business to really get to know those we work with. Learning as much as we can means we can quickly design and manage a customized recruitment solution that suits you.



We believe extraordinary people with big ideas have the power to change the world. Our community includes some of the best and most inspiring talent from across the globe.



So far, our teams have managed over 1,000 recruitment projects exclusively for fast-growth, online tech companies, saving our clients an estimated $4 millon+ in contingent agency fees.


tech brands

In the last decade, we've worked with some of the most inspiring tech brands on the planet. Lucky for us, they like what we do.

Meet them here...

Network matters.

We share a deep interest in being part of the future of technology and digital convergence. We draw inspiration from the organizations, networks and associations within which we actively play a role.

A community of global Australians who are devoted to the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

A venture capital firm that invests in global internet businesses and startups formed by Australian entrepreneurs.

Allows recruiters to search for the best software engineers and designers across the social web.

A not-for-profit networking group bringing together extraordinary people passionate about entrepreneurship and technology.

Empowering employers to find and hire great people by making high quality, private connections.

A recruitment platform, created for companies that value socially grown employee referrals.

An accelerator for high-growth, seed-funded technology startups and corporate open innovation.

A group of startup executives offering mentorship and seed financing to technical founders creating global internet startups from Australia.